Sample Environment

This task aims to develop new and improved facilities for users in two major application areas:
1) PSI is developing high-pressure setup (coordination of Rustem Khasanov(PSI, CH)

More information on the results available in the section news

2) ISIS is developing time-resolved techniques specific for pulsed sources, in particular Radio Frequency (RF) Muonium chemistry experiments (coordination of Steve Cottrell (STFC-ISIS).

The measurement of hyperfine coupling in Muonium-adduct radicals in the liquid state strictly requires oxygen-free samples to avoid competing relaxation due to spin-exchange interaction.

Liquid-sample handling facilities and ceramic cell designed for RF experiments are operational and available for users!

A specific cryostat, featuring in situ sample loading, temperature control in the range 225-475 K, large sample area, coils optimised for frequency range 100-500 MHz, is currently under development!