Instrumentation and Detectors

Coordinated by Dan Pooley (STFCISIS), the task aim to develop detector technologies with high rate capability and high timing resolution.
Its target is the investigation of the use of Si Photomultipliers (SiPMs) technology for typical counting rates at pulsed muon sources.

Several SiPMs were tested under equivalent conditions on the MuSR spectrometer (STFCISIS).
The on-beam tests were interpreted on the basis of a parametric evaluation of the asymmetry decay on Ag plate. Most SiPMs are outperformed by current PMT-based technology. However, signal filtering provides detectors reliable up to ~6 counts/pulse, where PMT detectors operates on pulsed sources.

The SiPMs detector can thus operate with large dynamic range of photons/event and 4 SiPMs are competitive candidates w.r.t count-rate capabilities of PMT-based detectors!
Results soon available online!