E-learning and Schools

Screenshot of the e-learning webpage

Under the coordination of Peter Baker (STFC-ISIS), e-learning materials are being developed both for the general introductory training of new users, and advanced training in instrumentation and science opportunities at large scale facilities for expert users.

How? Extending the EU-supported e-learning platform for muons!

This includes developing of the e-Learning resources including video material within the Moodle platform to create freely accessible modules with online experiment simulation sessions and schools generally including hands-on sessions.
Courses developed in ‘Data Analysis’ (using the platform Mantid) and ‘Muon Physics’ (using cosmic rays)
An example is provided by the course developed In ‘Muon Physics‘. It includes Laboratory equipment to study Cosmic Ray Muons and explain muon decay, together with experimental setup for muon data collection. The course teaches key theories and skills while quizzes aid understanding.

Materials are available on https://www.e-neutrons.org and are being used for teaching activities in muon schools, doctoral training and for public engagement!