Muon training schools

2012 ISIS muon training school

Muon training schools provide young researchers with practical training on the spectroscopic techniques of using muons as probes in condensed matter research. Training typically involves lectures and workshops on the muon technique given by experienced researchers. Participants also have the opportunity to perform muon experiments.


PaN-Learning Homepage

To make muon training accessible and on demand, there are currently a series of e-learning resources being developed for the introductory training of new users and the advanced training of already experienced users in the instrumentation and scientific opportunities at large scale muon facilities worldwide.

These resources are available to access on PaN-Learning. Users must request a free account (by clicking the link on the right side of the page, in the first box, under the login section) to access content on:

  • Introduction to Muon spectroscopy (Cosmic ray muons and Different types of muon spectroscopy courses)
  • Introduction to Muon data analysis software (Muon Data Analysis using Mantid and Muon Data Analysis Using WiMDA)
  • Muon training schools lectures
  • Guided learning (Muons in Magnetism, Muons in Superconductivity, Muons in Semiconductors, Muons in Ionic diffusion, Muons in Chemistry)

The content is built directly from the lecture series’ presented at ISIS muon training schools. The thematic courses are structured in a way that is conducive to effective learning by consisting of full and split lectures, additional notes, mini and extended quizzes and other linked resources on the topics to provide users with a full and varied learning experience.

Materials available on this e-learning platform are being used for teaching activities in muon schools, doctoral training and for public engagement! Take full advantage of these resources and sign up here.