Muon training schools

2012 ISIS muon training school

Muon training schools provide young researchers with practical training on the spectroscopic techniques of using muons as probes in condensed matter research. Training typically involves lectures and workshops on the muon technique given by experienced researchers. Participants also have the opportunity to perform muon experiments.


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E-learning materials are being developed both for the general introductory training of new users, and advanced training in instrumentation and science opportunities at large scale facilities for expert users.

Lectures and videos are available on the moodle platform on the following subjects:

  • Cosmic ray muons
  • Different Types of muon spectroscopy
  • Muon Data Analysis using Mantid
  • Muon Data Analysis Using WiMDA

Materials available on this e-learning platform are being used for teaching activities in muon schools, doctoral training and for public engagement!

Research with neutrons and muons

Research with neutrons and muons

Do you want your non-scientist friends to understand what research with neutrons and muons is about? Some new brochures from the Paul Scherrer Institute are now available in English, German and French.

Science with neutrons and muons (English)

Neutronen und Myonen (German)

Les neutrons et les muons au service de la science (French)

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