Prof. Jess H. Brewer receives the 2011 Yamazaki prize at the µSR2011 conference in Cancun, Mexico

Prof Jess H. Brewer

Prof. Jess H. Brewer was awarded the 2011 Yamazaki prize at the µSR2011 conference in Cancun, Mexico for being a pioneer of the development of the musr method, building the excellent muon facilities at TRIUMF and for his significant contributions to the areas of high temperature superconductivity, muonium dynamics and solid state chemistry, and charge transport, amongst others.

After obtaining a PhD in high energy physics, Jess H. Brewer started working at TRIUMF a researcher in 1973. He fell in love with the muon spin rotation/relaxation/resonance (µSR) and became a main developer and promoter of it. As an Associate of the Quantum Materials (formerly Superconductivity) program of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) from 1988 to 2008, prof Jess H. Brewer and his team achieved important contribution to the field of high temperature superconductivity (HTSC0), but also to the studies of muonium (µ+e-) atoms behaviour of in non-metals, cryocrystals, etc. In total, he (co)-wrote more than 300 scientific paper which you are free to search in the µSR Literature Database and/or the µSR Research Highlights Database at TRIUMF. Prof Jess H. Brewer was also awarded an impressive list of prizes prior to the Yamazaki prize in 2011, such as: Killam Research Prize (UBC), Lifetime Achievement Award (ISMS, 2005) and the Brockhouse Medal (CAP, 2008).

For further information please refer to ISMS’s 2011 newsletter and to his abstract.